TC Students and the GPS+Camera Project

This summer, graduate students from Teachers College, Columbia University are partnering with CUNY’s Human Ecodynamics Research Center (HERC) and Sir McChesney George Secondary School to pilot the GPS+Camera Project.  The GPS+Camera Project gives middle and high school students year-round, interdisciplinary opportunities for real original sustainability research as part of their formal education curriculum.  This summer’s pilot project explores the essential question “How has Codrington Village changed over time?” in Social Studies, Geography and Biology.  Student research will be published to the GPS+Camera Website which uses place-based data management (like Google Earth) and social media to give students not only the ability to publish their work online but to engage in sustainability dialogue with other youth researchers world-wide.

Check out their website at and their blog at  

Or better yet, learn more from the students themselves:
Dan McGovern
MA in International Educational Development, 2013
Maggie Morrison
MA in International Educational Development, 2013
Michael Cornell
MA in Curriculum and Teaching, 2013

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